April 29, 2009

i really hate being away on vacation because my family’s ALWAYS around, so i have to eat. not that i want to go completely ana, but i don’t want to eat so much. you see, for skinny people my family eats ALOT… and therefore, they expect me to also eat alot. but i’mobviously trying to lose weight… do you see my dilemma?

i’ve been sleeping in mose mornings (so i’m not eating breakfast) and getting forgotten in the whirlwind of activity during lunch, so i can get away with eating lightly then, but then dinner comes. and the inevitable dessert. and my fam just LOVES to push the second helping and whatnot. if anyone is reading this, do you have any advice?

you see, today i’ve only had about 380 calories, but it started just like that yesterday and i ended up eating about 1060. i mean, that shouldn’t happen. i have a goal here and it’s already shorts season so i have to reach is FAST!



One Response to “obstacles”

  1. reylon bleu said

    Eat, pleas, makes you happy because eating is what you are supose to do. Gettin fat, gettin thin, it doesnt matter, what matter the most is to find love, love to life, love to someone else, to the home you can make in a case or in an entire town, love to art an expressión, love to yourself. Because in the end, you die only with yourself. Life is only once, make love to life. EAT life.

    Im some guy, some artist, some lover of woman beauty, and woman beauty is not being thin.

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