gemma ward

May 1, 2009

even though she gained weight a while back, can she still be a thinspiration? i mean, she was thin (mut not too thin imo) and so, so fashionable:



I read somewhere that she’s been trying to lose the weight. Does anyone know how that’s going?


4 Responses to “gemma ward”

  1. anon said

    Reading your old posts! I didn’t know about Gemma Ward til now. I really like her outfit in the first pic. The top and the cardigan go together very well.

    So after reading this post, I tried finding pics of her. And I found a good one but then later I found a site had done this to the same pic:

    Dear oh dear.

    I thinks she looks good! I want my hip bones to be like that again.

    • karnii said

      oh, gosh. i love that! i want hipbones like that too… they were once when i fasted for a week. i looked glorious 🙂

      ugh! and she’s so darn pretty! i love gemma…

      • anon said

        Yeah mine were once too 😦

      • karnii said

        don;t you just hate that? looking at pictures and remembering how you used to have that… i always feel like such a failure when i see hipbones. like i wasn’t good enough to maintain them… :-/

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