my excuse

May 1, 2009

i’m only about 5’2 so i’ve always told myself that since i’m short, i gain weight faster and look heavier with it on, so i shouldn’t try…? frankly, it sounds stupid now, but i guess it made since to meat one point.

anyway, i recently realized that it’s truly A STUPID EXCUSE. you see, i was watching the da vinci code and, because i’m completely obsessed with weight, immediately noticed that the female lead (played by audrey tautou) is really, really skinny. and not only that, she’s short. in fact, i looked her up and it turns out she’s only an inch taller than me.

it's not a great pic... i'll find a better one later

it's not a great pic... i'll find a better one later

so now i figure, wtf? i can look like her! at least, i should be able to.


2 Responses to “my excuse”

  1. mywakingmemories said

    You don’t need to be skinny. That girl in Da Vinci code is sickly looking. I’m only 5″ and I know the feeling. If you gain a couple pounds, it more noticeable than someone taller. Still, just be happy with your body. If anything, eat smaller meals, but more often to boost your metabolism, and work out to keep up your energy. Don’t go to ana mode!

    • karnii said

      thanks for commenting! it’s good advice… and nice to hear from someone who understands.

      i guess i don’t want to look THAT thin… like, thin enough that people jump to the conclusion of ana, because that cause problems. but i do love the way her calves look; i want mine to look a bit more like that, tighter.

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