1,710 calories?!?

May 3, 2009

yesterday was a VERY bad day, calorie-wise. i was on the road with the fam, so at least one meal of fast food (though we normally avoid it like the plague) was inevitable. and, lucky me, i wasn’t awake to place my order so what i got was… less than par. and i HAD to eat most of it or my mom would be on my case about how too many girlsmy age stop eating. 😦

that was lunch. for dinner, we stopped at a (joy) not-so-healthy restaurant. i got some quesadillas but gave most of them away… so i guess that’s a victory! but THEN everyone wanted ice cream for dessert and my mom would DEFINITELY question me for not getting some, so i got something small and it turned out to be really gross but i ate it anyway. why, oh why did i do that?!? it would have been so easy to say “yuck!” and push it aside or offer it to someone else.

hopefully, today will be better. i’ve only had about 60 cal and i plan on working out! 🙂


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