pictures :-/

May 3, 2009

this is me a couple of monthes ago, the last time i did some hard-core dieting:

i bet i was in the 90s there…. now here’s a recent one from that day i went shopping:

yuck! i’m probably 105(?) here. this has got to change. this has GOT to change.


PS: I only ate about 1000 cal today (yay!) and i have plenty of time to exercise. i see this as a victory.


2 Responses to “pictures :-/”

  1. Ingrid said

    I’m sorry to tell you, but I feel that this blog is really triggering. Since I’m recovering from anorexia, do I see people around me diffrently. And I think that the whole world see the world like me. But that’s not true. I really recomend you to see someone, you need help. I can’t even describe how good I feel now, as a contrast for what I felt about 6 months ago. I know how you fell. And of course do I get these thoughts sometimes, but it’s worth fighting for a healtier you.

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