some thinspiration

May 6, 2009

i don’t know what to say today, so here’s some pictures:


julia frakes

julia frakes

julia frakes

julia frakes

audrey tautou

audrey tautou

audrey tautou

audrey tautou

excuse my laziness today. it’s been a long one. what i will say is that i had no dessert or snacks today. nada. and i wasn’t craving them either. i assume that’s a good sign…? a sign of what, i don’t know. but a sign nonetheless.

6 Responses to “some thinspiration”

  1. Marie said

    I found this site by chance, looking for Audrey Tatou stuff.

    I had breakfast, snack before lunch, bbq for lunch, afterwards some chips… i do it every day, with some muffins. and you know what? i am very skinny, you can even see the shape of my bones through my skin.
    I don’t care if I overeat once or twice in a while.

    Be happy, ladies, you only live once.

  2. soliferi said

    actually to have a fast metabolism you need to eat frequently or your body stores what it can get and slows the body to preserve itself. the less processed the better, minimal meats and sugars ( but the occasional treat doesn’t hurt 🙂 ) oats, rice, nuts and seeds, colourful fruits and veg, greens etc. all that simple wholesome stuff and of course keep the body moving 😉 thats what its meant for. I eat dark chocolate a couple of times a week and find it speeds my metabolism if anything… anyway I don’t mean to nag or anything …

  3. zabetheli said

    ah im sort of not happy that my blog is randomly linked here.

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