May 7, 2009

i think that the whole idea of prom is ridiculous– too decadent. i mean, paying who knows how much for one night that can’t possibly live up to your expectations? not my kind of thing. and yet, i find myself going. tomorrow.

frankly, i’m nervous. this is supposed to be one of my weight-loss checkpoints; if my legs look skinny in pictures, i’m doing well. but what if they don’t? what if my calves look huge and my arms look fat and i have all of that armpit flab or whatever it’s called (do you know what i mean?)? i feel physically sick just thinking about it… but not quite enough to go all mia.  :-/


One Response to “prom”

  1. Muah, <3 said

    I wouldn’t worry about how you look… Prom is about hanging with your friends and bonding with your class for one of the last times, and that’s pretty much the most important part. Although the pictures are important too! I’m really nervous about my prom next week, and I keep wondering if I’ve picked the right dress, the right shoes, the right date, etc. but it doesn’t really matter as long as I go and have fun.
    My advice: Don’t have high expectations (I mean, the whole idea of a decadent prom is ridiculous), and once there, if you’re not having fun, make some fun.

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