stomach flu

May 12, 2009

oh, wow! it seems like i haven’t written in a reeeally long time. that’s because, if you haven’t guessed from the title of this post, i came down with the stomach flu. luckily, it came the morning AFTER prom instead of ruining which turned out to be an alright occasion (though i don’t look NEARLY as skinny in the pictures as i wanted to :-/ ).  and, i feel a lot skinnier today because of it. and, i’m feeling quite motivated from memories of intense stomach pains to seriously stick small, plain meals until i’m COMPLETELY better (about a week?). so, all in all, stomach flu SUCKS and if i had to go through it all the time to be skinny, i wouldn’t. but since its been really helping with my diet lately, i’m glad that something good came out of it, you know?

ok… i feel like that was one big ramble. sorry.

ps. throwing up= purging… but easier? so stomach flu= mia for slackers.


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