oh, geez

May 14, 2009

i think that i ate way too much today… no. i KNOW that i did. in fact, i’m afraid of even adding up all of the calories…

oh, holy merde! it’s 1655! i need to dance this off if i don’t want my thighs to look huge tomorrow. 😦

i feel like such a failure… i mean, it’s not that hard to just restrain yourself, you know?

ugh… i’m gonna get back on track tommorrow. i’ve got to. i already packed my breakfast and lunch for school (2 miniscule containers of whole wheat cracker things) so i’m feeling really motivated. and now i can drink water again because my stomach seems to have calmed so i wont have all of those awful juice and soup calories anymore…

this is going to work. it’s really going to this time.



One Response to “oh, geez”

  1. randomlymikey said

    try not to worry too much hun. it is an ongoing process. sometimes we fall- but you can get back up and keep going!

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