quotes from Wintergirls

May 24, 2009

so far, i’m REALLY liking this book. i’m a writing snob, and this is really, pretty good– surprisingly good– AND has ana. it’s almost perfect, you know?

anyhow, here’s quote #1 (and don’t worry, i won’t give away anything important):

I am shiny and pink inside, clean. Empty is good. Empty is strong.

and #2:

At [99 pounds] I think clearer, look better, feel stronger. When I reach the next goal, it will be all that and more.

Goal Number Two is 95, the perfect point of balance. At 95, I will be pure. Light enough to walk with my head up, meaty enough to fool everyone. At 95, I will have the strength to stsy in control. I’ll stand on the blocks hidden in the toes of my satin ballet slippers, pink ribbons sewn into my calves, and rise above up in the air: magical.

At 90, I will soar. That’s Goal Number Three.

Now, if that isn’t thinspiration, i don’t know what is.


6 Responses to “quotes from Wintergirls”

  1. Effy said

    I need to read that book! I’ve been searching for good ana litterature but it’s almost impossible to find!

  2. karnii said

    i agree! i know this is the first i’ve found… the rest i’ve looked into are all non-fiction and pretty much trying to talk girls out of ana the whole time…. :-/

  3. Bianca said

    All those quotes show that it is an endless cycle of self-destruction. 95…90..85…80..75..dead.

  4. Rin said

    That book really keeps me going! Good luck to you!!!

  5. questforhotness said

    Thanks for posting the quotes – very beautiful and thinspirational! I need to get my hands on a copy of Wintergirls. I’m also a book snob 🙂 Book snobbery is good.

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