something new

May 28, 2009

i think i have a terrific idea: maybe, just maybe, if i record everything that i eat and the calories on this blog, i will feel more inspired. good idea? i don’t know. regardless, i shall start today:

greek yogurt w/ honey- 100 cal

greek yogurt w/ honey- 100 cal

2 toasts- 195 cal 😦

cookie- 100 cal :-/

TOTAL: 495 cal

i think i like this already!


5 Responses to “something new”

  1. Bianca said

    I hope you’re taking a multivitamin

  2. Bianca said

    Just wondering, do you think you have a disorder? Like, do you think that your feelings and actions amount to an actual medical problem that can be treated? Or do you just think its your way of making yourself happy? I’ve been reading your blog and you seem to say that you “have” an ED sometimes and other times you say its just your choice and your way of boosting your confidence. Which is it?

  3. karnii said

    good question.

    i’ve always been inclined to restrict because that’s just me; it’s my ED. it is my choice in the sense that i am choosing not to go get a slice of cake, etc. but it also isn’t isn’t because of the tendencies. am i making sense? because it’s hard to explain.

    and yes, i could get help, but it’s also not exactly my choice not to get it, because i just can’t bring myself to do it.

    and boosting my confidence? that’s what happens when i follow through with my tendencies and restrict; i feel great about myself! it’s one of the only ways i can really acheive that feeling…

    so, to stop beating around the bush and answer your question: yes, i do believe i have an ED. and not eating DOES boost my confidence, but it isn’t really choice not to; it’s what my brain wants. perhaps, i wasn’t very clear because you seem to have misunderstood.

  4. questforhotness said

    Tracking usually helps me – it’s what I’m going to start doing on my blog too so that I have accountablility. I hate not having scales right now!

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