ugh. people.

June 1, 2009

sometimes i just don’t know about people.

i was sitting in class with my two friends and we were in a group. i was studying for a test the period after and they were talking… and they started talking  to eachother about an upcoming trip to the beach that they were planning and how excited they were and hotels and movies, etc. the thing is, only the two of them were going. so why would they talk about it right in front of me?!?

i looked up from my work a couple of times when they were talking about it but they would just look at eachother and then glance at me and smile like nothing was going on…

and then class ended so i left and then a couple of minutes ago i get a text inviting me along. HELLO! couldn’t you have invited me then? or did they finally realize that maybe, just maybe, i have ears too and could hear every word of what they were saying  and it would be polite to invite me along.

i don;t know… i mean, i just don;t get it. could they really be that unaware? or is their something else going on?

sorry for my paranoid ranting. let’s move on, shall we?

crackers- 80 cal

pretzels 70 cal

cookie- 100 cal


pizza- 325 cal

cake- 700 cal 😦

which brings me to a total of 1275.   :-/   (i still have a deficit though)

i really need to stop eating cake…


4 Responses to “ugh. people.”

  1. Ingrid from Norway with anorexia said

    I can’t stop looking at your blog. I mean this in both positive and negative ways. It depend on my mood, but sometimes I think this is so stupid, but other times I just scream for more posts from you. I can’t seem to decide. I feel stupide. I’m sorry saying this, if it breaks your heart. It’s not you, it’s me.

    I totally understand what you mean when you say you don’t get people. I experienced that kind of people. It totally breaks your heart when they don’t ask you in the fist place. It makes me feel really bad. And I feel like shit. Like no one.

    I hope you’re good, in defiance your anorexia.


    • karnii said

      no, i get it. sometimes i wonder what i’m doing, why i’m writing this, and why i’m so obsessed with weight. but i hope you decide to like my blog… or at least accept it. i’m really glad that you like it sometimes (thank you!!!) and i’m glad that you get my situation from yesterday. sometimes i fell like the only one out of the loop…

      • Ingrid from Norway with anorexia said

        You know. Your never alone about something. There are so many people out there, thinking the same, feeling the same, doing the same thing. There are over 6 billion people in the world. I like to keep that in mind. I’m and you’re not the only one.


    • karnii said

      very true… that’s a good thing to rememeber. thanks! 🙂

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