well, hello

June 6, 2009

ugh. sorry. it’s been a while. i swear i’ve had headches every day for the last week and a half, so do forgive me for neglecting to post the last couple of days. let me catch you up:

thursday i had 1280 cal and yesterday i had 1300. kind of stinky… but still (slightly) under the max. intake i’ll allow myself. so i should be losing weight… albeit slowly.

and yesterday? guess what… i felt like my legs looked skinny. i was wearing these skinny jeans (which def. sit snugger now than they did in winter 😦 ) and i felt like my hips curved less outward; they were more straight down. and my thighs were hardly touching. i felt proud. hopefully, i can stay below my max and still feel proud on monday for when i’m accepting my award…

today, i’ve only had 830 so far… so that’s good. i just can’t give into temptation… no matter how much i’m craving ice cream…

ps. still no sign of my calorie-tracking bracelet. it’s been 2.5 weeks. 😦 ahhh! i’m getting so antsy!

pps. i’ve also been doing some light dancing. maybe that’s been helping…?


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