ummm… some thinspo?

June 9, 2009

yesterday i felt really fat so i didn’t want to post; today i felt like i looked really fat. 😦


i didn’t even eat THAT badly. i had 1290 yesterdya and 1130 today….

ok. that’s not great. but i keep having the most ferocious sugar cravings! what should i do?

anyway, thinspo:






my other inspiration for today? my ex-friend is now skinnier than me… noticably. i was always the skinny one. she can’t win.


2 Responses to “ummm… some thinspo?”

  1. iibones said

    drink 3 cops of coffe it should help, Coffea helps when your really really hungry as it gives a “feel full effect”.

    Beautiful thinspo =) xoxo

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