tea=life and some new ideas

June 12, 2009

i’ve been getting really into tea lately. and do you want to know why? it’s awesome. chamomile with honey or soy milk… yum! 🙂

also, i think that this thinspiration bracelet’s been going to pretty well so far. 1070 today. that is, before i work out. not bad, not bad.

more thinspo?:




42 <– one cool outfit

i love thinspiration with boots!

i love thinspiration with boots!

 yu know what else i’ve been finding thinspirational? anime cartoons and movies. all the girls had stick arms and legs. it’s awesome.

ugh… i’m craving yogurt. but i can’t have any more cal today. 😦  oh, well.

anyway, i think i’ve thought of a plan. since summer is quickly approaching, i’m going to start running. waking up early around 6 or 7 (to get the metabolism boost) and then, since i worked sooo hard, i’ll feel less likely to want to blow all my effort on food.

plus, i always fell nauseas for AT LEAST 1/2 an hour after i’ve done hard-core exercise… but usually it’s more like an hour. so that’s good.

i also have a new goal: i want to be able to take thinspirational pictures of myself. i don’t know if i WILL… but if i could help encourage others AND talk myself out of eating at the same time (ig “i can’t eat much; i have a photoshoot this weekend”).  i hpe it doesn’t take TOO long to get to that point…


4 Responses to “tea=life and some new ideas”

  1. augustinewolf said

    Oooh I love the first pic!

  2. rhymesofrevolution said

    Thinspo bracelet?
    Do tell.

    Usually I just write something on my hand, like the number of calories I can have or how many I’ve already eaten but maybe the bracelet would work better.

    What does yours look like?

    • karnii said

      i posted a picture maybe a week ago…? mines read with two strings and beads and these little markers to track the calories.

      i bought it from PS Evolution, so if you type that into google you can probably find it. it’s one of he tracker ones which i find to be more helpful and are actually cheaper than the regular ones.

      i definitely recommend it! and they’re REALLY cute! 🙂

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