June 17, 2009

i have exams coming up and i’m FREAKING because i really haven;t been studying… so i’m going to go mia for a while so i can focus… 

see you soon! 🙂

EDIT: sorry! i didn’t mean to worry you!  i don’t mean mia as in BULIMIA… but  MIA as in MISSING IN ACTION. my bad!!!


4 Responses to “exams”

  1. battlewithana said

    It’s super hard to study on an empty stomach, and even harder to write tests on one. Take it from someone who knows, try to eat something with protein just before the test. It’s not worth it to starve for one day and fail the test.
    Stay strong!


  2. linnxie said

    Good luck, I’ll be having exams in two weeks I’m also totally stressed cause I haven’t been studying either. Going Mia to be able to concentrate is a good idea!!

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