hi, everyone!

June 23, 2009

i’m back because exams are OVER… woo! done with school! at least for the times being…

you guys have left me a lot of lovely comments (yay!) so i guess i have some catching up to do!

as for the cals, it’s been ALRIGHT. around 1100 everyday… which considering exam stress and the fact that i’m a stress-eater itsn’t bad at all. i mean, i had a deficit everyday. so that’s good, right?

anyway… it’s been a while since i’ve seen some thinspo, so how about i post some?:

99 <— i think this outfit’s pretty cool too… very nerd chic


yay! i LOVE leg thinspo… ugh. i NEED to start running…

111<— i LOVE this outfit!!!!!



yay! alright. i hope you’ve all been well… i’m gonna go check those comments and the blogs on my blogroll!



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