June 25, 2009

i’m feeling really depressed right now… and, surpisingly, it’s got nothing to do with food.

i’ll see you tomorrow


3 Responses to “ugh”

  1. thelotusness said

    Hi. I’m sorry to hear that you are drepressed. Is it love? I know it sounds a bit harsh, but it’s good to feel other feelings that is about something else. Good t ofeel that you are able to feel other feelings, and to feel that you really are human.

    When i was at my worst I wasn’t able to feel. I just felt pain. Pain throught the feelings with food and about food. You get really one tracked and it’s all you think about. Like living in a boble, all by my self. That was no good. I promise you.

    I know that you might don’t want to hear that it’s human. Because, we really don’t want to be regular but perfect. The perfection is everyhing to us. But you know what, there is nothing that’s perfect. There’s nothing that is called perfect. Because that’s a word that doesn’t exist…

  2. Thelotusness is so right.
    I’m sorry to hear that you’re depressed right now. Your Ana community here at wordpress will be here for you (including me of couse) and we hope to hear from you soon.

    Stay strong!

  3. karnii said

    thank you– both of you.

    and yes. it is about love. (how’d you know lotusness?)

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