unsatisfied and my summer goal

June 27, 2009

today i ate too much… over 1200. yuck. still have a deficit, but a small one.

luckily, yesterday i ended up walking off 150 cal, putting me just over 1000. not bad.

i’m tired of summer already. i never thought i’d say that, but i just don’t know what to do with myself anymore. i guess school took over my life last year more than i knew. damn, i miss it.







also… i came up with a summer goal! (yay) i think it’s pretty realistic as well. i’ve decided that i want to get down, at least, to 100 lbs (aka lose 10 lbs). it wont be EASY by any stretch,  but i think it can happen, right? that would be burning/ not eating 35000 cal in 3 months… which is about 11667 per month. which is about 389 a day. and my bmr is 1306 so that means that i have to eat less than 917 a day or eat 1117 a day and work off 100 (which is more reasonable).

and none of this is that difficult except that i just remembered that we do not, in fact, really get  3 months off, despite what the school likes to say, but 2 and 1 week or so. so maybe i should count the end of summer as the technical, seasonal end of summer in mid-september?


6 Responses to “unsatisfied and my summer goal”

  1. Vanessa said

    Great thinspo… Good luck honey I’m sure you’ll still be the thinest in school a lot of people stay home all summer and sit on the couch n eat all damn day. But were stronger n better! Just restrict and keep that little body moving! Update us 🙂

  2. karnii said

    thank you again!!! i know i probably wont be the THINEST (there’s this one girl who is literally 70-something pounds) but i’d love to be one of them!

    and i know, i know… i MUST work out! i’m gonna start running as soon as i get my asthma stuff from the pharmacy!

  3. Vanessa M. said

    oh em gee!!! are you reading my pro ana journal!? lol!! im wanting to loose 10lbs too! omg babe your gna be the effin skinniest bitch at school! woo!! stay strong!

  4. Ruth said

    Not be a downer, but if you don’t eat enough calories in the day, which researchers say not to go under 1200, your metabolism shuts down and you end up having to work hard to lose weight.

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