something good! and even more thinspo

June 29, 2009

today was a good day. i got to see a lot of my friends AND do some shopping… so it was a good day. ANNND… i got my license!!! yay! and i wrote my weight as 100 lbs, so now i really have to get there. lol

but then… i looked at the picture, and realized that my face looks fat. and in the mirror my arms and legs (esp. upper thighs and legs) look huge! how can that be? i lost 3 pounds since my bmr realization, bt now i think i should kick it up a notch and try for a pound a week. all i need is my new inhaler and i can start exercising again,… grrr. inhaler, come!!!

anyway, i dunno if you’ve noticed but i’ve been on a HIGE thinspo kick… if i don’t watch myself, i’ll surely run out!:



332 <— i LOOOVE this outfit!!!


oh, gosh. if only…


alright… now i should probably go find more. ciao!!!


2 Responses to “something good! and even more thinspo”

  1. Vanessa M. said

    ooo love the legs w the dirt lol <333

    • karnii said

      haha! i know!!! ugh… i hate sitting and having that leg bulge-thing… lol. totally unflattering!

      but those legs are SOOO AWESOME!!!

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