let me explain

June 30, 2009

i think i owe you an explanation for the random posting of quiz results yesterday:

i’ve recently gotten on quite the skins kick. if you don’t know what skins is, it’s the most AMAZING british show and you should watch it. 🙂

the character who i’m obsessed with– and scored as, hence my posting– is cassie, the anorexic girl. each episode of the show is partially devoted to one particular chracter, giving viewers a glimpse further into his/ her life. if nothing else, you should watch cassie’s episode. though i’ve never been in rehab for my ED, i can relate to her struggles. an especiallly wonderful scene is when she explains to another character on the show how she makes it seem like she’s eating during mealtime. it was painful and helpful at the same time.

here’s some pics. i find them pretty thinspirational:


tony and cassie



standing outside of rehab


the cast


gosh, skins is such a lovely show… and cassie is sooo awesome and SUPER skinny. i mean that last pic? look at her legs! that’s what i want.

she reminds me a lot of luna lovegood– in both appearence and behavior. they’re both pretty, spacey blondes with really eccentric style.

at least, that’s what i thought of upon first seeing the show.

so… WATCH IT!!!  🙂


3 Responses to “let me explain”

  1. Vanessa M. said

    your pro ana? Moi too! yay buddies!! 🙂
    oh! and answering your q: i use the sonia kashuk bent eyeliner brush (from target!) it makes it real easy to put on cream or gel eyeliner! LMK if you can find it!

  2. karnii said

    oooh! a special brush? i’ve never thought about trying one lol

    do you think it’ll work even though i’m kind of a spaz and tend to blink a lot?

  3. questforhotness said

    Hmmm never watched Skins even though I’m British (maybe because I’m British?!)…. but there’s now a reason to have a look. Thanks for the thinspo! Love that you post so much of it 😀

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