July 1, 2009

hey! i have a feeling that this isn’t going to be a great post… which really stinks because i’m going away tomorrow and i don’t know if i’ll be able to get on a computer. what if i can’t post 1.5 weeks?!? it helps me stay strong… even though i’m NOT that strong.

i had ice cream today. at some hardcore, homemade place. it was really creamy and delicous, and thus, must certainly be horribly fattening. 😦  what the frick did i do? why do i always have to go and ruin everything?!?

so yeah… i guess i’m feeling pretty down on myself today.

i need thinspo. i think i’m addicted:



355 <— haha! i love a good mustache


hmm… the numbers on my pictures got screwed up, so i’m wondering if any of these are repeats?

EDIT: nope.

anyway, i’ll try to find a computer and write. but if i don’t, have a nice week and a half!


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