greetings from a random hotel in the midwest

July 2, 2009

i’m bored and there’s internet access here (yay!) so i thought i’d come on.

i’ve spent most of my day in the car, so i’m not looking my best, but i did something good today: i said no to lunch. i wasn’t hungry, and my mom was picking up some stuff, so i just said no thanks. i felt very powerful. 🙂

and it really helped my calorie count, since we went to such a fattening place for dinner. 😦 but it seems like that’s all i’ve seen here so far on the hughway: fast food places and not-so-healthy restaurants. not the best choices to stop at, imo. i’m looking for some sushi… or thai! but it’s not like the choices would be much better elsewhere. urg!!! i hate traveling sometimes.

sorry… that was a stupid rant. ignore it.

anyway, i was looking around on the internet when i came across this site:

a girl who commented suggested that wrapping plastic wrap around certain areas when you run helps you lose weight. is that true? because then i’ll DEFINITELY wrap some around my thighs. lol

now i’m dying to run more than ever!!! i want to try this plastic wrap! too bad my asthma medicine didn’t come and now i’m on vacation. here’s hoping that it’s there when i get back.


One Response to “greetings from a random hotel in the midwest”

  1. Ashley said

    you do lose more weight because u will sweat more, wrestlers do a similar tactic with these plastic suits. But it’s just water weight and normally gained back quickly. unless you do it everyday.

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