i’m baaack!

July 11, 2009

hi, everone! it’s been a really long time!

so i went to this college thing. i didn’t want to go, but now i find myself missing all the friends i made there. go figure.

i also made a lot of progress. there was a lot of walking to and from class, and i got to choose whatever i wanted during mealtimes. the system seemed to work; by the end of 5 days i looked in the mirror and felt really proud.

unfortunately, now i feel fat again. it could just be my unflattering, baggy-ish, travel jeans though. let’s hope.

anyway… i think you and i are both waaay overdue for some thinspo


i love this outfit too! i just bought some socks like that


441 <— i want these calves!!!

448<— and these arms!!!

so… i hope you’ve all been well. i have to rest up for some more traveling.



2 Responses to “i’m baaack!”

  1. wah said

    if you want those arms your sick,
    that’s unhealthy.

  2. karnii said

    to each his own.

    but if you read my blog, you’ll see i eat enought not to be unhealthy.

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