i NEED to get back into shape

July 13, 2009

so i went for a run today– about 1/2 a mile long. i went at a decent pace too; it probably took me less than 5 minutes which is good for someone who really hasn’t hard-core exercised since field hockey season ended last year (october?)  but OH WOW. when i was done i wanted to die! my body was all shakey and i felt extremely nauseas (i usually have only mild nausea)– i felt like the world was spinning. i could hardly make the 1/2 mile walk home.

it probably didn’t help that i’ve had only 950 calories today, but honestly, i wasn’t hungry and had to push it a little to even get it to that point. so, wtf?!? am i supposed to eat more even when i’m not hungry?

this is very confusing stuff.

but, alas, i must get this all figured out ASAP because summer workouts have started and i’m supposed to start showing up on wed…. but really, i still have another month before tryouts. that’s nice to know.

but wow. i feel like total crap. i guess i just wanted to share??? lol

i do feel good about myself though. it’ll get easier. i hope.

and i reckon i burned about 200 cal… which puts me back at 750. not too shabby.

ok… how about some fun news???

i got 2 packages today! yay! one had this really cute black quilted bag with a long chain so it can be worn cross-body. i love it.

i also got a grey, cotton, high-waisted skirt like one i already have and wear all the time, so i thought that another one might be a good purchase. plus, they hide my thighs while i’m trying to work on them. haha.

and then i got this yellow shirt with flowers that’s really loose and flowy. i think i’m the most proud of that one; i put it right on! lol

idk… i was just really excited about that. and getting new clothes really makes me want to eat less and do this right. i mean, i’m a senior now; i have to be on the top of my game. i have to be smart, skinny; stylish. i have to be someone to look up to.

i still have about 1.5 months to sort it out, but i really want to get there.


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