pro ana bracelets

July 16, 2009

now, i just want to take a poll: would any of you be interested in buying a pro ana braclet if i were to sell them (inexpensively, of course)?

this is, of course, non-binding. hell, i don’t even have a prototype yet to show you! but if you could please just comment yes or no that’d be wonderful! i just want to get a sense of whether this is something worth pursuing.

thank you!



3 Responses to “pro ana bracelets”

  1. Esther said

    I there

    From an ex pro-ana to a friend… it’s not worth the pain…please look at my blog on the ED article at

  2. lilyandana said

    Id buy it. Hell I really don’t care what people say. I know Im not promoting anorexia, not intentionally anyways so why not!

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