rainy day

July 16, 2009

i’m supposed to go on a run today… and i REEEALLY need to! i haven’t run for the past 2 days because my parents wouldn’t let me. they said i should take it slow to avoid getting injured like i did last year.

i hate that. i just want to get going! get back into shape! i don’t want to rest…

and now i feel fat. i feel like the last run i had bulked up my legs because i haven;t run since then…? does that even make any sense???

at least i ate well the last 2 days. 1190 and 1000. and i really had to push for that 1000. i had eaten 700 calories and wasn’t hungry AT ALL. (is that weird?) and since i didn;t want my metabolism to completely shut down i wanted to get my cal up to the thousand point at least, but i felt so gross doing it. sick. like some gross, sick, glutton. yuck.


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