i think that my stomach is shrinking

July 19, 2009

… either that or my period’s making me feel all messed up. sorry if that’s tmi.

i told you about not feeling hungry yesterday… well, i sucked it up and ate. 1025 calories. i don;t know if that was the right thing to do, but whatever.

and today, i’d eaten 500 and just felt totally done. now i’ve had 800 and i’m really full. but i can;t have my metabolism shut down. i just can’t.

why does eating have to be so damn hard? there are so many calculations and measurements, signals from the body that you have to pay attention to but usually end up ignoring because you know better.

at least, that’s what i do. what i’m doing.

my body said to stop eating 3oo calories ago but ugggg! WTF?!? WTF AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?!?

please, someone, anyone, help me out!

i’m at a loss


4 Responses to “i think that my stomach is shrinking”

  1. legalapprentice said

    I have the same problem! I hate eating because I hate the way it makes me feel (my stomach actually hurts when it has food) yet I know I have to at least eat SOMETHING. Especially when I’m with my family all day on the weekend. Its hard to know when to eat and when to stop anymore. Guess that’s just one of the numerous “side effects.”

  2. randomlymikey said

    anxiety is such a HUGE part of this. “am i eating enough?” “am i eating too much?” “if i don’t eat will i binge?” “will i binge either way, so i should try not to eat” it can be so frustrating.

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