waiting for guffman… and thinspiration

July 22, 2009

so… right now i’m waiting for my parents to come home so i can run. it’s past 5 and i’ve usually started by now so i’m gettin antsy. especially since i really don’t want to run and am growing more and more tempted to just say forget it. but then i’ll get fat. and the 350 cal from the burrito i ate at lunch will remain. and field hockey will be hell.

so i guess i really do have to run. if only i could leave already…

yesterday, my friend and i went shopping and walked A LOT. i’m talking miles. she got blisters all over her feet from her converse; i wore flip flops but my feet were not happy.

it was nice though. buying a lot of shit AND getting a good workout. i love shopping. and i bought something that i got home and realized i don’t like, so i guess i’m going to have to go shopping again. yay!

ugh… i just want to get this over with. i’m getting really nervous. does that even make sense? i mean, i’m going for a run around my neighborhood. it can be slightly painful at times, but it’s by no means a frightening experiance. i guess that’s what i get for having anxiety problems… :-/

you knwo what? i have some time to kill. here’s some thinspo:

do you like denim leggings? i’m undecided.



456<– i need a good (faux) leather jacket, i think.

FINALLY! they’re home. peace.


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