oh no. oh no. oh no.

July 23, 2009

i just did something very bad. i went to a diner and i got a belgian waffle w/ ice cream. and ate almost the entie thing. and this waffle was 6-8 inches in diameter, for crying out loud! how many calories do you think this is? PLEASE someone tell me!


4 Responses to “oh no. oh no. oh no.”

  1. * said

    This is not bad. Enjoying waffles is very good. You are very good. You think eating waffles is very bad. That is OK. You are still very good. And your mind is still very good. šŸ™‚ And I enjoy your blog and find you very bright and pretty – I can tell just by reading.

  2. karnii said

    awww! thank you! that’s the nicest thing i’ve heard in a LONG time!!! šŸ™‚

    you’re also right. it’s ok to splurge once in a while. just as long as you keep going afterwards.

    so thank you!

  3. LornaJane said

    Food for thought- I would just like to say also that sometimes this happens- if you don’t let it happen and accept the waffle, binges happen – and they get bigger and bigger. If you trap your mind SO much it just wants to break loose and then when you have a nibble, your physical body will become like a maniac with food and binges start happening – your jelly belly half cup soy milk is no binge- and binges are SO horrible.
    Anyway, what I am saying is if you can master the art of dieting and giving “just enough” of those things most anorexics consider forbidden- you will be able to actually maintain your behavior for longer- when the other anorexic or extreme dieter or ED nos person becomes undone and the binge/ purge cycle is full blown, you will be eating your one lovely waffle once a month and it is no sweat for you. You would be harnessing the evil that exists in ED world.
    It will be hard, you will feel guilty about the waffle, but if you have ever lived binge/ purge world, you don’t want it. It takes years to undo and to eat normally at all again, you gain weight, can’t lose weight, intense shame, UGH the worst of it.
    You can stay on the “control path” that we all desire by finding that way to balance just enough in your world. I would consider you a holy walker— you would be like teh girls in the magazine walking w/ an icecream cone – nicole richie “out on the town”, we all think holy shit! This girl eats ice cream? She can’t have an eating disorder…. wow. I guess she is just a natural. (in reality, she is just a professional anorexic who knows how to throw in a good twist for the cameras) you however, will eat the waffle or cone once a mos or twice a month, your mind will be satisfied, your body will think you are kind and amazing every so often, you will be able to resist more often b/c you get “one” in a couple of weeks so you don’t feel so deprived mentally. but then the rest of the time, you don’t eat waffles- so, essentially, those what, 350 cals are nothing. Not even CLOSE to a pound (3500 calories). They are a drop in the bucket 2x’s a mos. Keep me posted. LornaJane

    • karnii said

      thank you! thank you!

      i think i used to be a binger, but i’m never quite sure as people define “binge” different ways… but nevertheless, i’m sure it is horrible! even just reading the blogs of those people is painful. i can’t even imagine what is running through their minds; i’m sure it’s just terrible. šŸ˜¦

      anyway,it really does frighten me because i know that i’m compulsive which probably makes me a target for binging, but i’m desperately trying to avoid it! subconsciously, i suppose, because i wasn’t even aware how afraid i was until you commented.

      my waffle was probably A LOT more than 350, but a splurge every month or so is good, correct? just not one of that caliber?

      any other tips you have to help me avoid binging would be amazing!

      again, thank you!!!

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