spark teens = my savior (maybe)

July 23, 2009

seriously, i’m digging this website right now. if you ask a question about calories, etc. you can get an answer in a few minutes! there always seem to be people lurking around…

anyway, a debate that i’m currently involved in on the site is whether 1200 cal is enough for a teenager. some people are suggesting that we should eat 1800, and 2000 calories. isn’t that crazy?

obviously, i’m for 1200 being enough. i mean, in the winter i gained weight just eating 1500 cal a day. if i ate 1800 or 2000? that would not be a good thing.

and don;t girls stop growing 2 years after menustration?

but then again, they’re saying that eating less can stunt growth, and i CAN’T afford that, so i’m still considering their view. though, i must admit, i really can’t see myself eating that much. i mean, i’ve been eating 1150-1300 cal a day for the past week (weeks?) and now i’m set in a routine and i like it. my legs feel so much less jiggly and there seems like there’s more room in between my thighs. AND i feel like my upper arms are thinning as well. but my stomach seems to be the same…

if 1200 was too little, wouldn;t i be technically starving? wouldn’t i be hungry? wouldn’t my stomach be concave like when i had that bought of anorexia sophmore year?

what do you guys think?


2 Responses to “spark teens = my savior (maybe)”

  1. legalapprentice said

    I LOVE spark! Nothing like instantly knowing how many calories are in the snack you’re contemplating eating or how many calories you just burned. I print the tracking calendar at the end of the month and paste it in my journal rather than copying them daily.


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