and suddenly i understand katherine heigl

July 25, 2009

it’s a dennis/ babcock situation: katherine heigl’s on grey’s for a full season longer than kate walsh AND she wins awards for the show. but guess who gets her own show? kate walsh. (not that i’m coplaining; i LOVE her!)

it must suck. so she starts bitching out the writers. it isn;t the most mature thing to do, but it’s understandable. but how do the writers retaliate? they kill off izzie. (at least, i’m pretty sure she’s dead.)

i mean, we anas try so damn hard to be skinny and perfect. it’s exhausting. but then we all have a friend of acquaintance (or maybe nultiple) who eat crap– loads of crap– and are still tinier than us. and it sucks. and there’s nothing we can do about it. we could eat less, exercie more, but we’re not meant to be that size; it would kill us.

life isn’t fair. we all know it. but if you get fed up and try to mess with the balance of things, it will only come back to kick you in the ass. and i’m not saying don;t diet, or don;t sudy, because you SHOULD if that’s what you want, but don’t go overboard. don’t stay up all night studying how to convert grams to moles, and don’t starve yourself; moderation is key.

i hope you don;t think i’m being hypocritical here; i’ve come to the conclusion that i’m no longer anorexic. i eat 1000- 1200 calories a day. i do believe that it’s restriction and i do believe that i have some sort of ED, but i don’t think it’s anorexia. though, PLEASE, correct me if i’m wrong; EDs can be extremely confusing.

i recommend this number of calories to all of you, as well as moderate exercise on the 1200 cal days. it’s a fast way to weight loss, but not too fast. it’s maybe a pound a week.

i want all of us to take care of ourselves. that’s all i have to say.


3 Responses to “and suddenly i understand katherine heigl”

  1. anon said

    Hey, How tall are you? Been reading your blog for a couple of months x

  2. karnii said

    i’m 5’2.

    and yay! thank you for reading! 🙂

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