17 hours

July 26, 2009

last night, i slept for 17 hours. no, 17.5 hours. how crazy is that?!? i woke up at 5:30 pm today… and if it weren’t for my dad ringing the doorbell 5 times, who knows when it would have been!

so… yeah. we went to dinner (sushi) and then i ran. and now i’m here, eating some more because i realized that i would not have nearly enough calories today. i mean, i slept until dinner. DINNER. i missed 2 meals! i’ve never done that before… it’s kind of scary. is something wrong with me?

ugh… 300 more calories to go. i’m not even sure what i want to eat any more. maybe some ice cream?

anyway, i’m going away with my dad next week and he gave me some big new. drumroll, please… i need to bring a bathing suit. a bathing suit! luckily, i just got a nice striped bikini and i’ve been running for a while, but i’m nervous. i haven’t been in a bikini since feb of 2008, unless i’m completely forgetting something. i mean, it’s been a LONG time.

oh, wait… i was in one a little bit last summer to do some aqua therapy for my knee, but i was wearing a life vest over it. it wasn’t the same.

but anyway, i’m worried that i’m going to screw up my diet and get really fat or get sunburnt or… idk. something.

i mean, i don’t think that i can be THAT gross-looking. i had to buy xs bottoms… and a medium top since my boobs have decided to go on rampage… but yeah.

idk. i get so worried over nothing. i blame my anxiety!


2 Responses to “17 hours”

  1. linnxie said

    You’ve been doing very well and I’m seriously proud of you. I’m proud you stopped being ana and you’re now taking care of yourself. You should be proud too and don’t let anxiety ge to you 😉

    111 is a good weight to stop, you’re healthy and I think you’ll rock your bikini

  2. karnii said

    awww! thank you!!! i hope so 🙂

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