ah! so freaking nervous!

July 27, 2009

so… so far my day hasn’t been, well, ideal.

i woke up this morning to the sounds of two leaf-blowers. leaf-blowers. at 9 am. and it isn’t even fall! what leaves are there to blow? needless to say, i was pissed off.

but somehow, i got back to sleep. until the doorbell rings. and rings again. it’s 12 pm. so i look outside and see the package truck. and i go downstairs to find out that instead of the package, they left some crap slip with spaces for signatures, going on about re-delivery and pickup.

i spend a solid 20 minutes trying to decipher this little orange slip and then i see that the package isn’t even mine. no. it’s my father’s. probably some work clothes or tennis rackets.

but that’s ok because i’m going to a movie tonight. i’m happy. i can relax and do my summer assignments and then go out and have fun like a normal teenager.

but no. i get a text and apparently there is a field hockey practice– all running, i might add– that i’m expected to attend. joy.

so now, i’m going to have to die at practice and wait until tomorrow to see the movie. isn’t that just dandy?!?

so now i’m watching skins on my laptop, eating dried fruit and drinking TONS of water in attempt to prepare myself for the slaughter.

*sigh* how badly i’d like to not go. but i know that i should; it’s now or never. if i start showing up, i’ll look good– both to the coaches and physically– and it’ll make tryouts that much tolerable.

so i’m gonna do this. i’m gonna show up. i feel extrmemly nauseas just typing those words so PLEASE wish me luck!!!

ps. it’s possible that my love may be returning today. i hope this is the case.


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