again, i expect the worst

July 30, 2009

dinner was ok. really ok.

no, it was fun. i took my tranq, loosened up and had some AMAZING pizza! seriously, it’s awesome. thin crust, a bit of sauce, a dusting of cheese.

oh, gosh. it’s heaven. i need to go there again soon.

and i ended my day at 1065 calories. so, yeah. i got all hyped up for no reason. i hate anxiety.


4 Responses to “again, i expect the worst”

  1. pseudonym said

    There exists a type of frozen pizza, though I am forgetting its name, that only has 600 in the whole thing.

    And this is a big pizza I’m talking about.

    If you eat an entire 1/3 portion, it’s only 200.

    So if you like pizza… there you go.

    • karnii said

      wow. really? when you remember the name please tell me! 🙂

      is it from trader joe’s?

      • pseudonym said

        I’ll be sure to let you know when I figure it out. I should be making a grocery trip today or tomo so I’ll look for it.

        I got it from Wegmans. It’s a regional chain, so I’m not sure if they have it where you live, but I would assume this particular brand is sold elsewhere.

      • karnii said

        great. thanks! 🙂

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