awww, guys. i’m sorry. :(

July 30, 2009

i did a very bad thing. i very very bad thing.

you see, i love you guys. if you’re reading this or have ever read my blog, or have even glanced at my blog, i love you. because i need support. we ALL need support– especially us with EDs.

but, you see. i let you down. and i don’t know if any of you know it. well, i know one person did. she was kind enough to leave a comment, which in my shakey, anxiety medicinal haze, i deleted.

ok. maybe i shouldn;t use the word “haze.” that implies that it was accidental. it wasn’t; i was just ashamed.

so here it is: that website where my friend is selling her clothes? that friend is me. i was advertising– ADVERTISING– on this blog, my sacred grounds. i’ve been a very, very bad little ana.

so, i am sorry. deeply sorry. and to repent, i will make you all bracelets! (seriously)

so… i hope that you all forgive me, because again, i love you and would be nothing without you.


4 Responses to “awww, guys. i’m sorry. :(”

  1. Sophy said

    Aw, hun… I didn’t mean that it was bad. You just used the same e-mail for the blog as for ‘her’ page. So it wasn’t that hard to figure it out, and I don’t think anyone here will judge you. It’s no big deal 🙂

  2. linnxie said

    It’s not that bad. I don’t think there’s one of us who’s really mad at you 🙂

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