new subject? great!

July 30, 2009

so… i went running today for the first time after that field hockey practice. my back felt a lot better, so i figured it’d be ok.

and it was. i mean, it was painful; my legs still kill. but it was ok. it was manageable. aside from the intense cramp that i got that made me think that my appendix was rupturing…

so yeah. good times.

tonight, i’ve been invied to dinner. like the queen. but OMG i’m sooo freaking scared/ anxious! they’re family friends, so i have to figure that it’s about the food. i mean, i have to assume that they’re cooking and i’ve never had their cooking. and i’m vegetarian. and i’m on a diet.

AHHH! how am i going to get through this? should i take a tranquilizer? i think that would be best; sometimes i’m rude when i’m having an anxiety attack and i wouldn’t want to spoil their day.


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