i call it pizza brown rice

July 31, 2009

ok… so i just made something really cool.

first, i slathered some tomato sauce on the bottom of a small bowl and sprinkled a bit of cheese on top.

then, i put in maybe a cup of brown rice.

then i poured a bit of sauce over that and sprinkled some more cheese (a small amount).

i bet it’s not too many calories either… maybe 200? maybe less…?

it’s cooling right now, so i’ll let you know how it is! ๐Ÿ™‚


6 Responses to “i call it pizza brown rice”

  1. bobbypinthin said

    Yummm, how was it?

    • karnii said

      oooh. sorry! seems i left you hanging… it was actually pretty good! i think i put a bit too much sauce in it (just a dab would be sufficient for a handful of rice) but it was still very satisfying. especially since i was craving pizza. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. anon said

    I was gonna try this today but realised I’m already having rice later on. I’ll make it another day.

    Another pizza idea is to do cheese on toast, putting tomato sauce between the bread and cheese. Put black pepper on top with some dried mixed herbs or oregano, then stick it under the grill til the cheese melts. So simple, but I doubt its as filling as the rice.


  3. anon said

    Yeah wholewheat bread. Toast one side then turn ’em over and put the stuff on top and under the grill.


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