Greetings from Canada!

August 7, 2009

today i ate A LOT… like, 1700 calories alot. i was only supposed to eat around 1500 to give my metabolism a jump start. apparently, it didn’t work out.

i did well at camp during the week though. we did A LOT of walking, so i ended up burning at least 300 a day which was good. i didn’t get to run though. 😦  no time.

so i’m kind of afraid i’ll be out of shape. especially since tryouts are 10 (more?) days away. ah!

anyhow, thank you for commenting, those of you who did! 🙂

ummm…. i had something that i wanted to tell you, but i forgot. i’ll try to remember tomorrow.

EDIT: oooh, wait! i remember one of the things: i weighed myself the day i left on my dad’s old non-electronic scale (would that even measure me correctly?) and it said i was around 107-108 pounds!!! i hope that’s right; it would mean that i’m actually getting somewhere.


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