Lily Cole thinspiration

August 10, 2009

lily1<— i LOVE these legs




Lily Cole


i love this last one. her hair looks so red and i LOVE her jacket

i was reminded of lily cole upon reading an article in Vanity Fair about heath ledger. apparently, she had a part in his last film, the imaginarium of doctor parnassus, which i believe the second picture is from.

i love lily cole. it seems that some models have the kind of look where they have to be stickly to be pretty, but lily cole is simply beautiful. she has THE CUTEST smile…. i’m incredibly jealous. and she’s skinny without being too skinny, which i really respect her for.


12 Responses to “Lily Cole thinspiration”

  1. andy said


    i like these thinspo pics
    aww that’s cool that i’m on your blogroll
    what’s your name

  2. anon said

    I love her in St. Trinians! I totally forget she was in it til I actually saw the film! She’s super clever too, studying at Cambridge University

  3. anon said

    p.s. Yup, what amazingly long long legs!

  4. andy said

    hey karnii

    i feel happy, that you like my poems

    you should show me some of your poetry

    have you ever heard of tao lin ?

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