why i love fml.com

August 13, 2009

Today, I polished off the delicious iced gingerbread cookies in the pantry. I’d assumed the little flecks on them were speckles of broken icing, but as I went to throw the cookie bag away, a larva crawled out. The hundreds of flecks were moth eggs. I’ve been eating the cookies for three days. FML

I agree, your life sucks (29966)yeah! way to show ’em (11122)

On 08/10/2009 at 12:25am – misc – by Entheatus (woman) – Canada (British Columbia)

beware, guys! 🙂

6 Responses to “why i love fml.com”

  1. anon said

    Gross I thought that was you til I looked at f my life! How are you feeling today? Hope all is ok x

    • karnii said

      nooo! and i’m really glad it wasn’t! haha 🙂

      i’m a bit tired from running… and my muscles are kind of sore, but i feel proud, you know? like i’m accomplishing something.

      how are you?

      • anon said

        Yeah I’m good thanks, yay it’s the weekend!

        Well done on the running 🙂

      • karnii said

        i’m glad!

        and thank you 🙂 it sucks while i’m doing it– a lot– but i feel so proud (and nauseas) after.

        do you run?

      • anon said

        Nope, even though I hear its pretty much the best exercise for losing weight. Am considering it tho. I’d have to run outside cos gyms are too expensive!
        I swim. I do feel refreshed afterwards.

      • karnii said

        i’ve heard that swimmings good exercise too. and it’s better on the joints 🙂

        and yeah. i don’t do gyms! i run outside. it’s hot, but it’s less boring than looking at some wall the whole time! haha

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