aaand… we got pizza

August 16, 2009

yes, pizza. but thin pizza. VERY thin– cracker thin. (i kid you not.) and less crust = less calories, no?

and it was good. REALLY good. *sigh*

my mom won’t let me run, though. she says i need a day off so that i don’t get injured, since i have a bad knee. 😦

she’s right, though.

so i practiced field hockey instead. slap shots, drives, flicks. it was nice. i haven’t done it in a really long time because i dont join all those off-season leagues and crap, but i feel like it’s going to come back easily. which is good because tryouts are in less than a week.

AHHH!!! :O

to be precise,  i have 5 days to prepare. but i think i should rest the day before (do you?) so that really only gives me 4 days to prepare.

ugh. time-crunch.

we have 2 team practices, so i think i’ll go to those, and run and hit on my off days…??? does that sound good? and drinks LOADS of water and eat a lot of fruit… and tofu?

i need protein but i’m a vegetarian and am allergic to a lot of nuts… and frankly, protein scares the hell out of me. i DON’T want to build muscle… i do enough of that naturally and i want thin thighs, not manly thighs.

i hate protein. but without it, i want to collapse when i run. so i guess it’s kind of a love/ hate relationship.

i’m going to stop rambling now.

the bottom line is that i’m nervous as hell. especially about the running, but the whole thing. not the making the team part; i’m a senior, so that’s kind of a given.

any tips on how to relax?


2 Responses to “aaand… we got pizza”

  1. anon said

    Yup definitely think you should take a day to rest. It will probably do you a lot of good to have a day just taking your mind off things. Maybe go see friends, catch up on your favourite tv programmes, maybe just go do something silly (in a good way) for a day.

    Lots of luck, I’m sure you’ll be great! x

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