any vegetarians out there?

August 17, 2009

i know i’m one! 🙂

for moral reasons– not so much health reasons, ironically.

if you aren’t one, i don’t judge (i’m not like that 😉  ) but if you are, i found a very useful website,

there’s forums, chats, restaurant reviews,… it’s vegetarian/ pescatarian/ frutarian/ everything else like that haven.

in other news…

i ran today. and it was HOT. there was literally a heat warning, so i had to wait until the sun went down a bit, but it was still over 100.

and there were these weird kids on skateboards who don’t even live in my town following me. :-/

and i saw my kind-of-friend’s parents walking their dog and had to say hi and how are you? and all that jazz WHILE i was still running.

but i did it, and i finished in full sprint. 🙂

and you know what? i did that whole breathe in through your nose, out through your mouth thing, and i think it was good for my asthma.

ugh. i really hope i’m in shape enough to handle preseason/ tryouts…


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