pre-preseason practice

August 18, 2009

i went to field hockey today. we played for about 20 minutes and then ran the rest of the 2 hours. my friend is injured so she had to stop a few times to walk (especially going up hills) and i wanted to be nice, so i walked with her.

it’s nice to be nice, but part of me wanted to keep running– to burn more calories and get a better workout.

then again, i was already sore from practice and we got some extra chat in, so i don’t know.

well, i DO know that i did the right thing. that’s what friends are for, nay?

and i’m gonna run tomorrow– extra, to make up for it. in fact, i’m hoping to drive to the track so i can time my 3 mile, since we’re gonna need that for tryouts.

geez, i’m nervous for that. sprinting’s going to be a MESS– especially with my asthma. the whole stopping and starting thing makes my lungs go crazy. ugh.

but no sense dwelling on it now, right?

change of subject: has anyone shopped at i kept seeing ads on all these fashion websites and got really pissed off so i clicked on one… and then heaven appeared. it is seriously a gorgeous store. it seems to have TERRIBLE sales and the clothes aren’t dirt cheap, but they’re not heinously expensive either. as soon as i get paid, i’m gonna order some stuff and see what the quality’s like. ๐Ÿ™‚


4 Responses to “pre-preseason practice”

  1. imaginenamaste said

    It is great that you walked with your friend–I bet she appreciated it! Hope you have a great Wednesday!

  2. anon said

    Nope, never shopped there. I did the same as you – got annoyed at seeing the ads and clicked to have a look eventually.

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