i feel like field hockey isn’t gonna work out

August 21, 2009

i wish it would. i mean, this is my last year! what if i never get the chance to play again? (i won’t if my college doesn’t have club teams)

don’t think that this means i’m not trying out, because i am. tomorrow. *shudders*

but coach said some thing yesterday that kind of scared the sh!t out of me: “there could be cuts on all levels.” ALL LEVEL?!? like, seniors too?

usually, seniors aren’t cut. in ANY sport at my school, so this was quite a suprise.

the thing is, of all the seniors, i am by far the weakest link.

of all the seniors and the juniors, i am probably still the weakest link.

but would he cut just one senior? one who’s given him 3 years? one who’s tried her best and been a good sports and NOT b!tched out the coaches? that’s hard to find amongst the upperclassmen.

the thing is, part of the reason why i’m not playing so well right now is my asthma. it HATES the summer, and it’s been extremely hot here (100+ ?) for the past week or so. it makes breathing extremely difficult, which makes running (especially sprinting) extremely difficult, which makes drills a bit more difficult.

i know. i’m making excuses. shame, shame.

so, i feel like i’m probably going to get cut. and then i’ll scorekeep or offer to help out or something…?

now, let’s assume that i DON’T get cut:

i have a hell of a lot of work this year. i’m taking ap classes to the max (one of them’s even the supposed hardest at my school) AND taking an emt class twice a week.

i’ve done field hockey and homework. it isn’t a huge deal. but field hockey and emt class might conflict on days we have games– especially if they’re away games since both jv and varsity teams have to play.

and then on days when there’s practice, i have about an hours to go home, shower, and start my homework. so i guess i’ll have to finish it after emt class?

coach is nice– really nice, but i know that he won’t like this. he’ll see this as not commited to the team; i’m trying to be, but there are things that i NEED to do for college, and field hockey isn’t one of them. i just happen to love the sport.

i know that i’m getting ahead of myself; i should take it one step at a time. step 1: get through tryouts.

but still, i feel like this can’t end well for me. 😦


8 Responses to “i feel like field hockey isn’t gonna work out”

  1. anon said

    Maybe he just said it to get you all to work as hard as you possibly can tomorrow. Hopefully he realises how hard you’ve worked and also takes the fact you have asthma in to account. Its natural to be nervous, its a big thing!! Just try to switch off tonight for a bit x

  2. anon said

    p.s. Yeah baby steps. Try to rest tonight and try to stay postive whichever way you look at it (which you kind of do seem to be doing anyway) and kick ass tomorrow!! 😀

  3. imaginenamaste said

    My rowing coach told me attitude and team work and dedication were just as important as skill (which is good, b/c my skill had some issues) 🙂 Good luck tomorrow! You never know what may happen!

  4. Linnxy said

    Hi Karnii how did the tryouts go,
    just stay confident and try your best. You don’t need to be super at everything you know. You just have to fit in the team spirit and do your best. Don’t worry just go out there and have fun.


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