tryouts: day 1

August 22, 2009

i definitely felt a lot more prepared this year than last year, because i’ve been running, etc. but still, conditioning is HARD.

we did this on thing for 30 minutes that’s almost like an indian run, but the person in front sprints and tey must touch 2 of the sidelines before returning to the back of the line. it’s possibly my least favorite conditioning. i have nightmares about it. no joke. so i’m kind of glad to get it over with– to conquer it.

because you know what? through the course of the 30 minutes i saw various people taking breaks (not too many, but 2 are defenders who i’m competing with) AAAND…

i didn’t! i started to feel like i couldn’t breathe too well towards the end (thank you, asthma!) but i finished. 🙂

then we did some drills and i got to do my defensive thaaang. haha. and i completely stole the ball away from a forward once, and hit it away for another defender to carry it off a couple of times.

it wasn’t a stellar performance or anything, but i was pretty decent for the fact that i haven’t actually played field hockey since last october. (i know, i’m a slacker 😉 )

i just have problem with positioning sometimes… like, i feel like i’m getting in people’s ways. i’m ESPECIALLY not sure about where to be when i’m playing near the goalie because i don’t want to obstruct her view… :-/

then we did a “cool down” (aka more conditioning) so… more sprinting! and my muscles and lungs were pretty unhappy with me by that point but i pushed myself. i was a bit slower than the people around me, but i’m sure i wasn’t the slowest.

coach still says he’s going to make cuts, though. a few or a couple or something like that. it made me nervous, but my friend who’s a captain assured me that she was under the impression that seniors can’t be cut. i hope that’s true, because i’m really trying here, you know?

ugh… so much stress! but on tuesday i’ll know. 3 more days…

at least i burned a lot of calories! running for 3 hours straight? what do you think… 500? 600? 700?


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