tryouts: day 2

August 23, 2009

today we started with some conditioning that i like better: the snake run. pretty much, you run around the field, jogging the longs and sprinting the shorts. it’s tiring, but there’s more rest time and shorter sprints; my lungs like that. 🙂 and today a lot of people still had to drop out or rest, but i stayed in the whole time and used all of my might in the finishing sprint. coach said good job (as he said to everyone) but he sounded really sincere (he’s aware of my lung troubles).

then we did some drills in small groups (i LOVE small groups) and i got to be with my soph friends. they’re sooo nice and cute and their skills are more at my level. i was practicing defense and i got the ball awya more times than i didn’t. i hope coach saw…

but THEN we had to do a timed mile, and my lungs were still recovering from drills and conditioning, so i came in last in my group, not by TOO much and i’m sure people in other groups (i hope) did wore than me, but i was still embarassing. i mean, i’m a senior for crying out loud. a SENIOR. i shouldn;t come in last when i’m racing against sophys. :-/ it just stinks. i know that part of it is my lungs, but i don’t want to have to have an excuse; i just want to do it. be good. be fast. but my limit is probably much lower than that of many of my (hopefully) future-teammates.

then we did some more timed shiz. i think i did ok; median. i’m fine with that, i think.

and then we ended with the same sprints that we ended with yesterday, but instead of breaking it up into 3 sets, we did one long set. but not as long as the 3 sets put together, if you know what i mean.

and then …(like in dude where’s my car, if you’ve seen that movie) and then we had a senior meeting (seniors only 😉 )and planned for the team pool party (ahhh, swimsuit 😦 ) and cool stuff like that.

that makes it EXTREMELY embarassing if i get cut.

but we’re all going out to dinner tomorrow, so that should be fun. 🙂

AND i think i burned a ton of calories again. hooray!!!

BUT i have yet to see my love. where is he?!? 😦 i used to see him all the time dring tryouts last year. that is, before i cared. ugh. cosmic jokes.


2 Responses to “tryouts: day 2”

  1. Linnxy said

    You did fine, that timed mile wasn’t that bad. I don’t think you’ll get cut. Goodluck tomorrow.
    Give all you can and try to have fun don’t worry that much. You’ll be fine

    I hope you’ll see your love tomorrow

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