tryouts: day 3

August 24, 2009

today, instead of conditioning, we had our annual track day (aka hell)… but i didn’t think it was too bad. maybe i’m getting in shape?

so after running countless 20s, 40s, 60s, 80s, 100s, etc., we did some drills and i was fun! i got to practice my hits (especially my drive and slapshot) for the froshies to deflect into the goal. except, they didn’t have much luck. but they’re young; they’ll learn.

but during that drill, coach was standing off to the side for a while and watching us, so i think he saw how strong my hits have gotten (!!!). let’s hope…

and then i had my stopping test with this really intense ball machine that goes 50 mph and makes the ball hop. seriously, IMPOSSIBLE. one of my sophmores got 0 stops, and a junior who’s really intense at defense got 4. (and this is out of 10) i got 3. but when i had my practice turn, i did SO MUCH BETTER. no joke. i stopped 6, i think. i wish that one had counted…

then we did a little scrimmage and i felt like my defensive positioning came back, but i’m not quite there skillwise yet. at one point, our goalie said “watch out!” or something like that, but i didn’t know what she meant. it’s difficult with goalies, i think, because you have to find the balance between not giving them enought support and getting in their way. and communication is something that’s difficult for me, so it doesn’t always work out so well… :-/

THEN… (we had no ending conditioning…yay!) coach sat us down and talked to us. he said that he was really proud of all the effort that we’ve been putting forth, etc. but that he was still going to have to make some cuts. grrr… i’d thought (wished) that he’s forgotten about that.

so yeah… i’m nervous again.

i went to the team roster (excluding goalies) that i’ve made for myself and found 3 people other than me who i think might get cut. 2 are sophmores (one of them i REALLY REALLY like 😦 ) who just aren’t in good enough physical shape and/or have weak skills. one of them seems to have a bad attitude, too. i’m always friendly to her, but to no avail.

the other is a junior. she’s a real story, let me tell you. last year, she came 3(?) days late to tryouts and the coaches pretty much told her to go away. i thought that was the last of her. but this year she comes out the first day but… her forms aren’t in. so she sits out the first 2 days.

yep. today was the first day she played, and with really no excuse. i mean, what is that? we’ve been working our butts off for 2 more days than her. honestly, i was suprised that the coaches didn’t make her leave this time, but i guess it’s because she DID show up on time. so i’m thinking they’re going to cut her, because coach kind of implied a while back that if you sit out during tryouts, the coaches don’t get to see you play as much… *wink wink*

and then there’s a junior who MIGHT get cut. i kind of doubt it, because she has good hits, but she’s gotten slower this year, and i never really thought she was a good player to begin with– too passive. (like me. yes, i’m a hypocrite.)

so yeah… we have a team dinner tonight; i’m still debating whether or not i should go. it;s at this pub = fatty food. 😦 and a lot of people to notice my new eating habits. 😦

BUT the head coach might be there, so maybe it would be good for me to make an appearence, even though they’re pretty much deciding the teams right now. ahhh!

coach did say that people with skill are gonna have to go. i guess i’ll have to wait until tomorrow to figure out what, exactly, that means…


4 Responses to “tryouts: day 3”

  1. Linnxy said

    I think you did good and that you should go to that dinner. I just hope I told yo in time 🙂

    Yes, I think I’m going to start again with my blog. The same one. I kind of miss it and it’s a part of me people should accept it.

    Today the new field hockey teams were annonced I’m in MA4 ( Girls A4) and we’re playing first class this year. Yeah!!!! We’ve a really nice team 3 people from our older team were cut and we got 2 new ones. I met the new one in the mall today kind of funny but she’s in the same school as me and she’s really nice.

    • karnii said

      yep! you told me RIGHT on time. i just saw the first line in the preview window and i was like, “i’ve gotta go!”

      so i went. no coaches were there though… :-/

      i’m glad about your blog! i missed it 😦

      and that’s great about your field hockey! i’m not sure what A4 means (is that like jv or varsity???) but it wounds really intense! what position do you play?

  2. anon said

    Yeah you should def go. Good to show your face at things like that(and will also help to show your keenness).

    I’m sure there will be some healthy food to choose from. Get a jacket potato or something. Sounds like you’ve been doin great these past few days. You should be proud. Fingers crossed, eh?

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