i have the worst friends ever

August 25, 2009

i haven’t gotten one call, one text… NOTHING.

why do i even bother with these people. do they care at all?

it’s not possible that they don’t know. i walked out and left. i cried in my car (well, maybe they didn’t see THAT part)….

i just don’t get it. it’s common courtesy, that’s all.

by the way, i think i’m going to return to pro ana. i need something right now.


8 Responses to “i have the worst friends ever”

  1. randomlymikey said

    i’m so sorry you are feeling this way. friends can really let ya down sometimes too. i would love to see you not turn to the pro ana. it really only makes things worse.

    • karnii said

      you’re right. i just feel like i have to do something– be better at something. šŸ˜¦

      • Riot said

        Hope you don’t mind me commenting, but I agree with the original poster on this one. I think Recycle Fashion has a lot of potential – that’s something you could work on right there! You definitely have the creativity and talent to do well with it! A much healthier outlet.

        Best wishes.

      • karnii said

        thank you šŸ™‚

        that’s true… i do have that. i just get discouraged when know one’s buying anything… haha

  2. Linnxy said

    Oh God that’s bad, they just bdon’t have comon courtesy. Most people do try to cheer someone up when they’re in a bad mood. Even if they’re not friends at all. Friends are supposed to support you. I’m sorry you’re feeling so bad

  3. anon said

    Oh that sounds really shitty. Is today any better? You heard from anyone? You know you’ve got us here to support you and you got your mum too.

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