today i’m a human again

August 26, 2009

… at least, i’ve gone back to eating like one. all that running and calorie burning required me to eat WAAAY more than i’m comfortable with. it actually made me feel sick.

i miss running though– not sprinting, but slow-paced, long distance running. like what i was doing to prepare.

but now i’d feel like a doofus doing it, as i have nothing to prepare for.

i kind of want to join cross country, but i have no friends doing it, and i’m not sure i’ll have time over the year.

i just missing being on a team. supporting my school. being a part of something.

and now i’m alone. again. and i realized today that i only have 3 real friends, and only 1 goes to my school.

maybe i’ll do winter track once my applications are in. i don’t know.

i can’t believe none of my “friends” still haven’t called. i really can’t.

ugh. i feel depressed right now. i hope it gets better when school starts. :-/


8 Responses to “today i’m a human again”

  1. imaginenamaste said

    Run for yourself. Play for yourself. I get you on the friends–so few understand any of this and I’m usually the one helping them!

    Give yourself a break!

  2. kachi52 said

    Ugh, school is a life saver that way. I can’t wait till it starts back up again either. It will probably be so much easier! I agree with you and the person above. It’s hard to find someone who flows with you when you’re not moving the same way as most peope. If you know what I mean?

    Always here to talk

  3. Linnxy said

    Yopu’re not alone, you’ve got three goodfriends, your family and us here. Good friends are hard to fine just spend a lot effort in those who you got. It’s not about the amount of friends you’ve got but about who you’re real friends are.

    And the running I still think you need to do it. Just to stay in good condition. You won’t like it. But it’ll make you proud about yourself and make you look good 🙂

    If you feel like you need to have something to be very good in, why don’t put your efforts into your schoolwork when school starts again. It’ll help you a lot when you’re going to study.

    ps. please don’t be depressed it’s not worth it. I hope you’re feeling better by now

    • karnii said

      i think i’m beginning to feel better, a little.

      i’ve decided to keep running, and start studying for standardized tests. finish my summer assignments. thanks 🙂

      i think that should keep me busy enough so i don’t keep thinking about what’s going on without me…

  4. Aw ):

    You should join a team because you want to – not because your friends are/aren’t joining! (:

    La C.

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